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Moodle Mooc 5 – The beginning

Moodle MOOC 5 Logo

Moodle MOOC 5 Logo

I joined Moodle MOOC 5 (MM5) on the day it began (1st October 2014).

Although I think of myself as more of a digital native than a digital immigrant, I found it very difficult to orientate myself as to which platforms I had to create accounts with, where I should be looking and what I should be doing. Thw WizIQ page was so busy that I found myself wanting to avoid it as I wasn’t comfortable navigating around such busy pages which I hadn’t previous had experience with.

Anyway after watching the ‘opening ceremony’ live and then the ‘Layout of Moodle for teachers website and Moodle Training’ webinar recording, I felt more comfortable with playing around in the different moodle sites and the WizIQ page too.

I was able to establish what exactly is involved in the course and find out how to earn the course certificate and the weekly badges. I then whizzed through the simple tasks for week 1 in order to gain my first MM5 badge.

Since then however I have engaged in some conversations in the discussion forums and have found myself thinking outside the box a little based on the ideas and suggestions of others. A very kind gentleman in one of the forums replied to one of posts regarding some of the issues I have while using moodle as a platform in education. He pointed out that it is possible to use completion tracking as a means of ensuring students complete certain tasks before they are able to move on to the next level or step. This has got me thinking about this as an option for a new course I am working on and I have already starting playing around with this.

A second point the same gentleman made was that he worked with older versions of moodle which required him to use HTML to create useful navigation between topics/sections of his courses. This got me thinking about the layout of the Moodle for teachers (M4T) moodle page and I added a simple HTML navigation bar to one of my courses.

So… Have I enjoyed the course so far? Yes! Although I found things a little confusing at first in terms of moving between different platforms, I think I’ve got the hang of it now and my very first interactions seem to have been rewarding and have sparked both some thought and motivation.


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