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MM5: Badges, Game, Reward, Professional Digital Credentials

Webinar Reflection

My short reflective video using screencast-o-matic

Title: MM5: Badges, Game, Reward, Professional Digital Credentials

Date: Saturday, October 4, 2014 3:00 PM (GMT Standard Time)|Duration: 60 Minutes

Presenter: María J. García San Martín

Medium: WizIQ Webinar (Online)

  1. Maria explained what digital badges are and some of their uses. She looked at using them for gamification, as rewards and as professional digital credentials.
  2. I was sadly unable to interact with Maria (presenter) or the other participants using the live chat, as I was unavailable at the time of the live webinar. However I did feel that the I was engaged by the recording.
  3. The main questions which came up were:
    1. How are digital badges collected/displayed?
    2. Are digital badges formally recognised?
    3. What different purposes do digital badges serve?
  4. I have considered using digital badges for some time now, so the content was very useful for me as both a learner of moodle and an educator as I now feel comfortable with both how to add/award badges in a moodle course and different reasons for using them.
  5. I think most of the way through the event I was wondering what the purpose of badges were if they are not formally recognised as qualifications. I was also wondering how I could use the badges as a motivation tool in my courses. I think both of these points were addressed.
  6. I enjoyed the event and was excited to see that knowledge about digital badges is growing and was extremely pleased to be shown how simple it is to use badges in moodle.
  7. I am not particularly good at designing visual art at all, so I am concerned about designing badges, even when using a design tool. I am also concerned about how to create a distinction between badges which are used for fun/gamification and those which I intend to use as more of a professional credential.
  8. In working with colleagues within my team, I can use their more artistic and visual skills to help me design badges which demonstrate either a more professional or more fun appearance.
  9. I would like to design badges which I can use as part of a new moodle course I have been working on and start issuing digital badges. I would also like to start earning more digital badges so that I might start to display them publicly and proudly to evidence my professional development.
  10. I would like to further research how I can work towards making some badges which are professional recognised or useful to my students in terms of employability.

Below is the collection of badges which I created:

My short reflective video using screencast-o-matic


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