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MM5: Bring digital storytelling to your classroom with ‘Storyboard That’

Webinar Reflection

My short reflective video/presentation using Movenote

Title: MM5: Bring digital storytelling to your classroom with ‘Storyboard That’

Date: Thursday, October 16 2014 1:00 AM (GMT Standard Time)

Presenter: Rebecca Ray/Aaron Sherman

Medium: WizIQ Webinar (Online)

  1. There were actually two presenters for this Webinar; Rebecaa and Aaron. Rebecca had some technology issues at the beginning of the webinar and so Aaron started the presentation until Rebecca had resolved her technical issues. The webinar gave an overview of what Storyboard That is and how it can be used for teaching. Rebecca gave a demonstration on how to use Storyboard That and also gave 9 examples of different classroom activities.
  2. Unfortunately I watched the recording of this webinar as I was unable to attend the live session, but I certainly enjoyed watching the recording. I do sometimes feel that although it would mean extra work for someone, that the recordings could be edited a little to show the core content in a shorter time.
  3. There were lots of questions regarding the types of clothing for characters and the pricing of the software.
  4. I really enjoyed the webinar as I thought this would be a really useful way to use technology as a resource when engaging my learners in writing. I think this is an interesting way for my learners to explore using the English Language. However I was a little disappointed that the discount available for participants is only 25% with a 2 week free trial, as I was hoping that there might have been a 6-month or 1 year trial.
  5. I was thinking about a lesson which I regularly teach using a comic of Romeo and Juliet, where I ask the students to fill the empty speech bubbles with language of their own which reflects more modern language.
  6. I was a little worried during this event about the cost of the product. I was hoping that it would be a free tool. I was also thinking about how I could use this tool with various different levels of classes which I teach.
  7. I think it is unlikely that either my institution or I would purchase this product and so it could be difficult trying to use this as a teaching tool using only the free trial.

My short reflective video/presentation using Movenote

Romeo & Juliet

Scene 1

Romeo & Juliet

Scene 2

Romeo & Juliet

Scene 3


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