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MM5: Building a Community of Learners in Moodle

Webinar Reflection

Title: Building a Community of Learners in Moodle

Date: Tuesday, October 29th, 2014 11:00 AM (GMT Standard Time)|Duration: 60 Minutes

Presenter: Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Medium: WizIQ Webinar (Online)

This was interesting for me as I have never really used moodle in a way which required my learners to engage with one another. For the first time in my moodling I asked my learners to complete tasks which required them to work as teams or groups in discussion forums and in editing Wikis. This worked really well and even learners in the group who didn’t have good IT skills managed to interact and work with their groups online.

Previously I would never really have agreed that it would be possible to develop a real sense of community between online learners. Although my learners do all attend a physical classroom together, it was interesting to see how they worked with different members of the class better in an online environment. I think this has changed my mind in that I now believe online learners can develop a sense of community.

How to create a group Wiki project in moodle


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