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Teaching with Technology – Week 1

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1. What does teaching with technology mean to you?

It is important for me to ensure that teaching with technology is always exactly what it says on the tin; using technology to teach and does not become teaching technology. I mainly teach English as a Second or Other Language and therefore it is important for me that technology is a tool for learning and not another learning outcome.

2. Whether you are teaching a course or not, please set up a public o
r private course on WizIQ and and share the link.

Deaf Awareness:


3. What do you expect students to learn from the course?

I hope that students were learn more about deafness, Deaf culture and some simple methods of improving communication.

4. What skills and knowledge do you want them to acquire by the end of the course?

I want my students to be able to communicate confidently with a D/deaf person, ensuring that they are supporting and promoting good communication. 

5. What teaching strategies (lecture, discussion, group work, case studies, etc.) will best help students achieve these goals?

I intend to include short video lectures followed by self-reading/research and discussion for each of the sections of the course.


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