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Reporting Disaster: Bus Crash

My first priority would be to consider sensitivity at this time of disaster, ensuring to treat victims and witnesses with dignity and respect. I would clearly identify myself and try to gain access to the scene by making contact with a senior officer in control of the scene.

My other main priorities would be to:

  • Take detailed notes and record any interviews where possible with emergency service officers and others at the scene, ensuring victims and witnesses are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Speak to eye-witnesses to gather detailed information, ensuring to get personal details such as name, age and what they were doing at the scene. I would ensure to be gentle and build it to more difficult questions.
  • Keep contact with the senior officers in charge of the scene as they are not only crucial sources, but they also control access to the scene. Being seen to keep contact, but not distract or occupy the time of senior officers secures access to the scene.
  • Informing the newsroom with regular updates from the scene.
  • Discovering interesting detail, taking photos (sensitively), perhaps video clips or sound recordings which could enhance the report and give my audience a better idea of the event.

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